Woman on a mission!

Has anyone else noticed just how fast time seems to go? Every week I start the week with `I`ll be organised and get my blog done`…….Friday morning again and I`m writing it now. So with that in mind I was determined to tick off some of my challenge to do tasks this week. I therefore present………my fundraising page!

Team Reader Fundraising Page

In all honesty, once I set myself some time to do it the actual setting up hardly took any time at all. My advice is to keep it as short as you can and to make it personable. People want to know what is motivating you to fundraise and if they can relate to it or see/feel the motivation they are more likely to donate. Use photographs that show your personality. Don`t forget with the power of social media your page will reach people who you don`t even know but may donate. I have also made sure that I kept in mind that I will be asking companies for race sponsorship and my fundraising page will not only provide them an insight to me but be a place that they have their company advertised.

The second task completed was putting our race calendar onto a spreadsheet to share far and wide. Here`s a copy of it so you can get an idea, it isn`t anything fancy but allows us to keep track of the races, mileage, entries and sponsors. As you can see still some way to go! I`ve been chasing some of the race organisers for dates. A fellow runner who completed his own challenge this year (40 medals in his 40th year) reassured me this week that the organizing bit is the hardest part, the actual running bit will be easier. I`m not entirely convinced (he`s about twice as fast as me!) but I can see his point.

woman on a mission table.png

And finally, I have drafted my email to sponsors!

Dear (insert company name):

No doubt you have many emails asking for similar but all I ask is you read to the end and if you have a further 2 minutes to spare you click on the links below. I am writing to ask whether your company would provide sponsorship for one of our races across 2020. In return for sponsoring a race you would be placed on our merchandise (running vests and jumpers), feature in one of my blog posts and have your involvement shared across the PSS Website and social media platforms.

Team Reader (My husband and I) are taking on a mammoth 2020 running challenge for Pregnancy Sickness Support; a charity that supports women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) along with supporting healthcare professionals to provide treatment and get involved with research. I was diagnosed with HG at 5 weeks pregnant and suffered until the day I gave birth. I am now a volunteer for the charity and help to support other women who are suffering.

Running is a huge part of our lives and so using something we love to do to raise money for a charity so close to our hearts is an exciting opportunity for us.

I have attached our current race schedule and below is the link to our fundraising page and blog where you can find more information.

(insert links)

If you would like any further information or to speak to me further about our challenge please do get in contact either by return email or giving me a call on xxxx

Thank you for at a minimum taking the time to read this

Emma and Jeremy Reader


As you can see I`ve tried to keep it short and personable. I`m planning to send to small local companies who we use ourselves or are part of our running community. So if you`re reading this and you`re one of those look out there may be an email coming your way! My tip here is think about what it is you`re doing and who you want to target for sponsorship (or prizes if you`re organising a raffle etc), larger companies are likely to already have a commitment to a charity but smaller ones who have something to gain by free advertising may be more likely to support.

I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty chuffed with myself for getting these things done this week. I have also booked in for a few 10k races in October to try and focus the mind/motivate me. One of my goals for the rest of this year is to try and lose some weight, I have definitely found running harder since piling the pounds on so getting back to where I feel comfortable is a must before the challenge starts. Motivation is definitely key to that! I`ll be sure to share the progress on that front too.

Next week I`ll be introducing you to my good friend Lisa who has taken control over her life in a way that is just astounding, I`m in complete awe at her motivation to better herself and her family’s life. I`m really hoping she will join me on at least one of our runs.

So for now have a click on my fundraising link, see how I`ve set my page up and if you`re feeling generous (wink wink) click donate!

Karen Lodge