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A big part of this challenge is going to be flexibility and fitting everything into our hectic lifestyle. Currently sat in the car on route to the coast writing this week’s entry…..thank goodness for laptops and tethering! September is a hugely busy time for Team Reader as we have something every weekend. This weekend’s treat is a 24 hours relay race, 197 miles across the Norfolk coast line, 17 runners and 2 support vehicles. When I describe it to people everyone thinks we`re mad, but it is so much fun. The atmosphere and comradery amongst our own team and the other 59 other teams taking part. Spot the reoccurring theme…….challenges that stretch Team Reader to the max. But I love it, I get to spend 24 hours with Hubby, doing what we enjoy best (running) with our running club.

Next week will see some huge progress for the 2020 challenge as I have taken a few days off work to crack on with some of the admin tasks. It is literally the only way to get some of it done. I`m a big fan of biting off more than I can chew, the amount of planning for next year is pretty big and I probably underestimated it to some extent. I`m going to take this opportunity to thank the lovely Leonie, she is offering practical and moral support during this challenge. Some of you may have spoken to her on the telephone or via our (PSS) online chat which she mans. She hasn`t been with Team PSS for long but is fabulous and a huge help to anyone that is thinking about fundraising. Next week I`ll take you all through the fundraising pack she has put together as I use it to do some of my `admin` bits. Apparently she`s so impressed with Team Reader’s challenge she`s decided to set her own fundraiser. If you`re local to Cornwall (that’s as specific as my geography gets I`m afraid) have a look and please support.

 Josh Curnow Live - Charity Fundraising Evening

Josh Curnow Live - Facebook event

Back to next week……..Earlier this year I joined a 6 week boot camp/healthy lifestyle programme in a bid to kick start my fitness (and my weight gain). It was great, some of the meals challenging and keeping motivated to train 3 times a week and to eat clean was tough. One of the biggest things I learnt however was about making yourself accountable for your choices. It`s so easy to say `I’m going to do this’ and then put off, move the goal posts etc. So I`m asking for your help this week to help keep me accountable to my goals. Week commencing 16th September goals


1.       Sleep (sorry Jude is also at nursery so much needed catch up)

2.       Launch Team Readers fundraising page (a proper goal!)

3.       Contact the local companies I`ve identified on a scrap of paper for race sponsorship (if any businesses are reading this and want to help please get in touch with me at imp21@hotmail.com )………see what I did there ;)

4.       Populate the huge wall calendars purchased for home and hubby’s work with our races (mostly so he doesn’t double book us!)

I should point out that all these things (minus the sleep) are currently on scribbles of paper so hopefully not a huge task. Let’s see in a week`s time!

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