The (misplaced) excitement begins….

I hadn`t planned to write this blog weekly but currently so much happening it if I don`t do it weekly you`ll all be stuck reading a novel all at once! Firstly a massive thank you to everyone that took the time to read my first blog and has come back for the second one…….think my school teachers would be surprised, I was never much of a writer then. Amazing how things can change!

Since writing last week everything about this challenge has somehow become more real! I`m hoping to get a calendar of our race events up ASAP, some of the dates for the runs we want to do aren`t out yet but hopefully soon. If you`re a runner or fancy having something to train for to get you started it would be great to see you at some events. We have a few half marathons planned but a majority of the races will be 10K so plenty of time to join that local beginner’s course J I`ll be sharing some of my top coaching points both as a coach and athlete (I actually just lol at calling myself an athlete!!)

Saturday morning saw Team Reader take on one of our local Parkrun`s. We`ve dipped in and out of Parkrun a bit over the last few months but it really is a great way to get back into running without feeling the pressure of `performance`. They`re family friendly which means we can take Jude, much to his delight there was a dog show on the grounds so he had some entertainment………before he promptly fell asleep on lap 2! I should point out that I definitely do not push a pram round, dragging myself round is often enough of a challenge, but lovely Jeremy pushes Jude in our running buggy (a great bargain from Facebook before he was born) as well as motivates me round. Running together has taken some getting used to but think we have nailed it…….lets revisit that point after we`ve run 245 miles together!!

Parkrun august 19.JPG

I`ve digressed……..the point I really wanted to make was that it was the first 5K I`ve run in months without stopping to walk at any point. Quite a good goal to have achieved given the challenge we`ve currently set. I wouldn`t have said I`m any fitter, or skilled at running (the pictures show just how awful my running form currently is) but my motivation is currently sky high. Mind over matter got me round and it`ll get me around the next one too.

It reminds me of my HG journey, which was mind over matter most days. I had limited control over what I could do to help myself; I took my medication, I stuck to safe foods, I tried to make sure I wasn`t over tired or over stressed, but most importantly I took it one day at a time. It`s exactly how we plan to tackle this challenge. When something stretches over months it can seem really daunting, which in turn can provoke anxiety and round you go. So, one training week at a time, one race at a time, and one mile at a time. Ladies reading this who are suffering with HG, partners/friends/family that are supporting someone with HG……….one day at a time, and if that’s too much one hour at a time.

My goal for the next week is to start writing to local companies/race organisers to beg for freebies. My next blog will take you through the process of that aka seeing what you can get for not very much!!

Karen Lodge