We are Team Reader!

And so it begins, this will be the blog for the Team Reader 2020 challenge.

First off I`d better introduce Team Reader:


Up first is me, Emma Reader, mum of Jude, wife of Jeremy, HG survivor, member of the Team PSS and PSS Social media teams, peer supporter, Junior Jogger coach and apparently a runner (I also work 30 hours a week)! I joined Newmarket Joggers in 2015 after being dragged along by a friend. I`ve always been sporty but more team based then running. However the social element and the buzz of achievement had me hooked. I met my husband there and we have run a number of races together since then including 2 marathons (one 5 months after having Jude).

Second up is husband Jeremy; dad to Jude, memorial mason, LIRF (Leader in Running Fitness) and a far better runner then me. He is also my number 1 supporter. Jeremy has more medals then I can count and is always encouraging of other people.

And last but not least Jude: my HG hero. He`s currently 21 months old and a complete whirlwind of a toddler, he never stops! He has done one race in the buggy (he slept, daddy pushed!) and ran/was carried by mummy through another for his first medal.


That’s the who, now the what! Last year I was part of the team that climbed Snowdon for PSS, seriously tough challenge that if I`m honest I have no desire to repeat. After concentrating this year on family and work I started to think about what I wanted to do in 2020 to fundraise for PSS. Jeremy and I met through running and it’s a passion we share. This led to me thinking about what got me through my HG journey; Jeremy and my really good friends (who you`ll meet over the next year) from Newmarket Joggers, how could I combine them all??? I suffered with HG for 245 days, first I thought about converting that to miles for myself…….that`s a lot of miles to run! Obviously my next thought was how I can rope Jeremy in; so I came up with this idea;

245 race miles run jointly (so 122.5 each) across 9 months with a variety of friends joining us as and when they can.

Why? Because surviving any pregnancy requires a support network, surviving HG it`s an absolute must and a life line. The only way I`ll get through that many race miles is with Jeremy by my side and the rest of my support network cheering me on. And in true style he didn`t even question my request but just agreed.

Then as if that wasn`t enough we (Team PSS……I`m not naming any names, cough cough Leonie) thought that writing a blog would be a great way to not only promote the challenge but act as a guide for other fundraisers. So I`m going to be covering everything in this blog from the planning, the fundraising, the running (obviously), managing fitness for a big challenge, ideas on keeping people interested and will have some guests writing about how they have supported and what it means to them.

I wanted to give you an introduction to Team Reader and the challenge! My next blog will be all about some of the planning we have started to do. Please join me on my journey! I`m going to need all the help I can get                                

Karen Lodge