Guest post and news!!!!

This week I want to introduce my amazing friend Lisa, if ever the phrase `cease the day` was applicable to someone it is definitely her. She is smashing her life goals at the moment and I will definitely be using her support through the challenge.

I don`t want to steal her limelight but a couple of quick updates. We have added a race to our calendar (I need to work out a way to keep a live calendar for you all to see because I know you want to book in races too J), I`m really excited about this one as it involved 6 of our club runners in addition to us, we`re going to be completing the Suffolk Trails 24 hour relay challenge. Laps of 5 miles, as many as you can as a team in 24 hours. I can`t help but feel this is a challenge all on its own!

Secondly I have been in talks with a company regarding some merchandise, we plan to have our own individual running vests designed but also produce T-shirts and hoodies that other people can buy to show their support. A percentage of each item will go to PSS. Keep an eye for more info on this (I`m so excited about this part!!)

And finally (last one I promise then Lisa) we are now looking for race sponsors. In exchange for paying our entry fee to a race your business/or you can have a logo on our merchandise, name splattered all over PSS social media, mention on their website and a feature in this very blog. If you are interested or know someone that is get in touch at to talk further.

Without further ramblings I introduce the lovely Lisa…………………

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Hi there – I’m Lisa- I’m wife to Nigel and Mum to Lewis and Holly and I’m in my 41st year on this crazy planet! I run my own health and well-being business and work in Compliance.

I suffered from low self-esteem, was relatively shy and thought that this was ‘the lot’ that I had been dealt and just needed to accept there was nothing I could do to change that. With two children, working full time and the busy commitments that this brought, I felt I was on a constant treadmill that appeared to be getting faster. Stop world - I want to get off!! Throw into the mix the Irritable Bowel Syndrome that I’ve suffered with for 25 years and also going through the menopause at the age of 38, there were days that just seemed really dark and I struggled to cope. I certainly wasn’t the nicest person to be around felt that I was starting to lose my identity.

I’m pleased to say that the person I once was is now a distant memory and great things are happening not only to me but to my family too – life is good! The catalyst for this was a couple of questions posed to me. These were ‘If my income was to suddenly stop, how long could I live off my savings for’ and ‘Do you want to be doing what you are doing now in 5 years’ time?’ I can tell you now that the answers were ‘not very long’ and ‘no way’!!

I get up at 5am and get back home at 5pm and feel guilty that I’m not present in my children’s lives in a way that I want to be.  I want to be at home more, not less and be able enjoy quality family time instead of having it dictated to me when I can take my holiday.  

All of this triggered my thoughts and spurred me into action and I haven’t looked back since! I started out by setting some ‘goals’ for my life – things that I wanted to achieve and work towards. We set them in our fulltime jobs - why not apply the same principles to our lives?? I took the decision to start my own health and well-being business – this wasn’t something that I was initially looking to do, I was too busy – or so I thought? However, I guessed that I didn’t have anything to lose and if I waited for a ‘sign’ that this was the ‘right’ thing to do – that sign may never come!!

I’m pleased to say that through a nutrition programme my IBS in now firmly under control and the programme has been beneficial for my menopause symptoms and my fitness levels.  I now grateful for the menopause – not bitter that it happened to me so young,

I also started to do some personal development – reading, gratitude journal and daily affirmations which I know seems a bit ‘way out’ there and to be honest, I was a little sceptical however no reason to not give it a go! What I have been amazed by is the positive effect all of this has had on my mental well-being. Your mind-set is so important and something that I had neglected for a long time – I’ve realised that it’s vital to feed it daily to help keep it positive and focused.

Over the last year some of the goals I’ve set myself I have been able to ‘tick off’ - running my first marathon, cycling a 46 mile bike race, completing an extension on our house and reducing my working hours – to name just a few.  And my business – the best decision I’ve ever made – I’ve made new friends who will be friends for life and I am so excited that through my business I am helping others to change their lives and achieve their dreams too!!

I am the only person responsible for my success – no one else and I am determined to be the best version of myself.  I’ve certainly learnt to focus everyday on improving my health, wealth and happiness. In 6 months’ time you can either be in the same place, or a better place – so what are you waiting for? Take that step today and start to live your best life too!

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