Vicki Yarwood climbs Snowdon with a little help from her friends.....

Vicki along with Jamie, Paul and David set themselves the fundraising challenge of visiting North wales on 31st May 2019 and climbing Snowden, together they raised an incredible amount of over £600 - please take a moment to read the story behind why they are fundraising below….

Vicki Today would have been my due date, a little Brother or Sister for Noel, unplanned but not unwanted but unfortunately Hyperemesis stole that chance for us. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a condition I had from wk 8 to wk 42 with Noel, it left me hospitalised every 2-3 weeks, I lost 2 stone while pregnant, needed full dental work after birth due to the acid erosion of the constant sickness and was left with mental scars of various reminders even to this day. I’m speaking about this on this special day as I want to raise money and awareness for the charity, my first pregnancy 3 years ago was much different, I was sat in A&E throwing up bits of blood and had strained so violently I’d lost all functions below. A doctor came to me taking pity got me in a room ran a drip straight into me and grabbed me a pair of her hospital pants. From then on my journey with HG began. Unfortunately each time I’d have to reach rock bottom before being admitted, then wait hours for a bed all while being told the anti sickness I was taking given to cancer patients and still not stopping the sickness could cause birth defects, a worrying time but we made it through, we survived it all. Fast forward to July 2018 and I started to feel unwell so I did a test. I had 24 hours to process what had happened and plan out how life would be and then bang, it hit, HG. At first I thought it might be morning sickness and don’t panic but hours later I was still being sick and there was nothing left and so the tacky blood started, I saw a doctor in the morning who said I was dehydrated and gave me a letter to go straight to Whiston. And that’s when I realised what developments had been made in HG. I was escorted to a room, the HG bay they called it, 4 chairs with drips. I was seen by a doctor ASAP and given IV fluids and anti sickness IV along with painkillers for the pain. I was told if I felt better in 6 hours I could leave if I was still here at 8pm I’d be admitted. What a difference to sitting in my own urine 3 years ago and lying in a corridor with staff not understanding the condition. For 3 straight days I was on the drip desperate to get home to Noel but by day 4 I was struggling it was far more aggressive than before. I was admitted in fully and given a date scan, it was definitely a baby in there. Unfortunately I got more poorly and HG took away my chance but it makes me thankful for Noel and to the HG charity for how they’ve worked with hospitals and medical staff to improve care, also allocating me a buddy who would call and text each day to support me and now I want to give back. So I shall be doing the 2nd hardest thing I’ve done after birth, climb Snowdon. If you want to sponsor me or just want to give to the charity the Just Giving page is below. Hopefully with more research in another 3 years who knows what advances can be made to help pregnant women” 💕⭐️

Thank you so much to everyone involved for your fundraising efforts and for your fantastic photos along the way!

Karen Lodge