Matt and Tuesdays '9 months of' Fundraising

January 2019 marked the start of Matts 9 months of fundraising, supported by his lovely other half Tuesday (who is one of our PSS 1-1 Peer supporters and TeamPSS social media team member!) .

“Hi, my name is Matt Norfolk and I am embarking on a 9 month fundraiser to help raise funds for Pregnancy Sickness Support. My reason for choosing this charity is the birth of my son. While carrying him, my partner suffered with severe Hyperemisis Gravidarum and it was one of the toughest times of our life. Pregnancy Sickness Support (PSS) became a lifeline to her and we feel that after all of their help and support, we would like to give back.”

Event details

Beard, Books and Bike.

Over the space of 9 months (January to September) I will be doing 3 separate activities.

The first is, I will shave my beard on January 1st, then grow it solidly until September 30th. I will then shave it off.

The second is, I will read 1 book every month for 9 months.

And the third, I will be cycling to a different location within Hampshire every month.

9 months of beard growing, 9 books and 9 different locations.

Event date

01-January-2019 20:00  -  
30-September-2019 20:00

Event type

Cycling, reading and beard shave

Best of luck to you Matt and we look forward to hearing all about what you have been up to!

Karen Lodge