Kirstin Pollock 40 day challenge

On May 15th (aka International HG Awareness Day) Kirstin started an challenge which would see her running for at least 20 minutes every single day for 40 days!

“This might not seem much of a challenge to some but 4 pregnancies in 6 years, complicated by either severe sickness or HG, has really taken its toll on my health and fitness. With 3 little ones it’s going to be hard to find the time (and energy!) to run but I’m determined to do this to raise money for an amazing charity.”

Kirstin was running everyday, sometimes with friends alongside her for support too and was doing well until day 19…..

“Disaster...So this past week has been really hard. Just when I was starting to feel fitter my joints have become sore. I tried slowing right down and have managed a daily run but my knees are now both swollen and today I had to admit defeat. Tried running on the treadmill to see if that helped but had to stop after just 2 minutes. I guess I grossly underestimated the strain that a lot of road running (after not really doing much at all for years) and breast feeding would have on my joints. Thankfully my knees seem absolutely fine when cycling and using the cross trainer so I’ll continue to do that daily (proudly wearing my @teampssfundraising tshirt) to complete my challenge. Even managed to get a discounted months gym membership to help me achieve this. 😃 Im feeling quite deflated at the moment but I hope you’ll still see this as a challenge!! 🚴🏻‍♀️😘”

BUT despite the knock-back of not being able to run, Kirstin continued with her challenge using alternative methods….

“DAY 39!! Over the past 39 days I have run 74k, cycled over 100k and I’m growing weary of the sound of Joe Wicks’ voice! Not going to lie - I’m SO glad tomorrow is the last day of my #40daychallenge for @pregnancysicknesssupport!! Knees feeling much better so going to attempt a run for my last day”

And incredibly achieved her goal and completed her 40 day challenge!

“I’ve had a few days of rest and relaxation after my 40 day challenge and I have to say I’m not missing it one bit 😂 Finding the time and energy to exercise every day with 3 young children was a struggle (and poor Steve did more than his fair share of bedtimes) but I did it and I’m feeling stronger and fitter for it !! 🙌🏻

“Although the past 40 days were tough, it’s nothing compared to HG. At times I didn’t think I’d be able to continue but with the right medication and support I got through it and thankfully the second half of my pregnancy was OK. Some women aren’t as lucky and endure 40 whole weeks of intractable nausea and vomiting. Thank SO much for all the donations and moral support. With your donations @pregnancysicknesssupport will be able to keep doing the amazing they work they do helping women who are suffering from HG - making sure they have access to the right treatment and support. If you’ve not had a chance to donate yet the link is still live and you can find it in on my main insta profile. If you can’t donate please spread the word about HG and Pregnancy Sickness Support”

A massive well done and thank you to Kirstin for your commitment and determination throughout your challenge fundraising for Pregnancy Sickness Support!

Karen Lodge