Kim completes Bath Half Marathon

A massive well done to Kim who completed the Bath half marathon in March 2016.

Well, I did it. I can’t really believe that I managed to cross the finish line with a smile. My legs were giving me nothing.

Bath was sunny and bright. No cars around which was lovely. Quick cuppa before heading to the race village with one of the Eggheads. Buzz in the runner’s village was good but added to my nerves. But I felt ready and was hoping to see my husband again within the next 3 hours.

The start was great, didn’t go off to quick and the sight of thousands of runners streaming down the Bath streets ahead of me was amazing.

Halfway round my first lap about 5k in I spotted Emma my work bud and she told me firmly I didn’t get any Jelly Babies just yet.

My first lap of the course went well. I felt good. Crowds were fab. The second lap was really hard. Spent he second half of the run following and then being overtaken by a horse/camel (still not sure which) and a guy running the whole thing backwards, hats off to him.

With 2 miles to go I saw Em for the last time and she told me I could do this!!! So with her in my ears I ran the final section and then saw my husband beer in hand and as pleased to see me as I was him. The final run down the huge expanse of Pultney Street was amazing, crowd cheering (the guy running backwards) and I almost burst into tears. The time on the clock was 2 hours 50. I couldn’t believe I was going to finish under my goal time.

Sadly my hopes of a post race beer and bask in the glory of it all was not to be. I caught the bus feeling very nauseous and got home and chucked up. No treats for me.

Still a week on and a post race trip to Amsterdam (got my post race beer/s there) and a week of craving eggs and cheese and I am now thinking of my next challenge.

Well my nine months actually went past pretty fast. At the start I was running short distances and getting fitness back after my hysterectomy. By the Autumn I was running 5k parkruns pondering my imminent adoption approval panel meeting and completed my first 10k race. By January I was struggling with a mile run. Couch to 5k training with Emma after work got me back to feeling comfortable and then thankfully the month up to the Half I finally felt I had it in me.

All the while I had the nine month period in my head in respect to the women I was running for. The nine months of nausea, uncertainty, worry, threat of hospital admission and medical support throughout what should normally be a happy, exciting time.

In my work I have supported women who have suffered throughout their entire pregnancies. I have seen women who need support only once to get through a period of acute dehydration and then manage the condition with support and understanding. The Pregnancy Support Service has been there and an education to me and to these women and their families.

The people who have kindly donated to my challenge will help their work continue.

Hark at me talking like I’m Davina or something!!! The truth is I’ve never done anything like this, a Challenge for charity. The fact that I had people who do not know me donate ( getting the messages of support from those people really touched me. That I had people support me through my ups and downs pepping me up when I needed it. That people read my blog and approached me about what Id written.

I owe massive thanks to Rob, Emma, Caitlin, and Sirona for bigging me up, my nephews for their Go Kim Go signs, My bro Chris for getting me over that 10k finish line in November, the strangers who shouted ‘come on Kim you can do this!!’ around the course last Sunday  all got me through.

Thank you everyone. Go out and run if you can, its the best.

 Kim  – March 2016

An amazing achievement, well done Kim from everyone at Pregnancy Sickness Support.

Karen Lodge