London to Paris - on a bike!

On 12th July 2019 Jamie Savory and friend Josh Townsend set off on their journey from London to Paris, Jamie fundraising on behalf of Pregnancy Sickness Support and Josh for Prostate Cancer UK - but this was no easy journey, both were traveling the 190 miles on bikes!

Jamie: On New Years Day 2017 we found out that Alicia was pregnant, we were as you would expect ecstatic and could not wait to share our amazing news with friends & family, however what we were unaware of was the difficult and challenging pregnancy that awaited us!

It started with what we thought was a bad case of morning sickness, and was passed of by the doctors as such, but after several more weeks of it getting more and more severe we knew there was more to it. After several trips to A&E and multiple attempts to subside the sickness, Alicia was finally given the proper treatment and care she needed to continue to carry our child. Alicia spent a week in the hospital before being healthy enough to leave, and although we were no longer in the dark about her condition, this did not mean it was plain sailing till birth. Her condition had improved and the intensity and frequency of sickness was somewhat reduced, however the cocktail of prescription meds and a very limited diet did not stop the constant feeling of nausea.

It was horrendous seeing Alicia in that way, and I cannot imagine what it was like for her to deal with, the sacrifices she made to carry our amazing son Dexter into this world will never be forgotten!

HG can often go undiagnosed and many women suffer in silence as it is brushed off as morning sickness, we were lucky enough to have eventually been treated correctly and given support. Pregnancy Sickness Support are doing incredible things to bring this relatively obscure condition to the forefront of peoples minds, so that women can get the correct advice and support from day 1.

Hopefully with the money I raise by cycling to Paris this will help PSS be able to give expecting parents the advice and support we once needed, and not only that but educate medical professionals to be able to spot the signs of HG at an earlier point.”

Alicia: Well done to Jamie andJosh who have made it to Paris! They have cycled 190miles and Bex Townsend and I met them at the Eiffel Tower. Josh has cycled for prostate cancer uk and fantastically raised a huge amount! Jamie has cycled to raise funds and awareness for Pregnancy Sickness Support (Hyperemesis) UK who supported us while I was pregnant.

Please share and donate if you can - it’s such a fantastic achievement and for a great cause!

Jamie raised a fantastic amount (over £600!) which will enable us to support women and their families in the future. A massive well done Jamie and Josh and thank you for all of your fundraising efforts on behalf of PSS.

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Karen Lodge