The Wild Women Training so far...

So we all know roughly how to prepare for most physical challenges, right? Going to run a race, prepare to run more. Research ways to improve and you're on the right path, it's all quite simple. But when you are faced with something like the Wild Women challenge, where an earth do you start? There are so many components that you have to prepare for.

This challenge is rapidly approaching and our ladies are gettting well and truly stuck in to their training, this is what a few of them have been up to... 

Sadie - Hiking

Sadie has stared hiking, regularly hiking the 300m, 6km hill behind her house and most recently the 725m, 11.5km hill Beinn Dubh. When Sadie isn't able to get out hiking you will find her on her treadmill on the hilliest setting and even working out whilst cooking - now that's dedication!

Susie - Swimming & Kayaking 

Susie Aka Diary of a Charity Chick is incredibly fit and active, recently she has completed the Big Welsh Swim and has also been kayaking as a part of her training for the Wild Women Challenge.

Toni - Coasteering

Toni has dived right into her training (get it?) by coasteering, tackling difficult terrain and even jumping off a 45ft cliff into the sea, being the only one in her group brave enough to give it a go! She has said that this will not only help her physical strength but her mind set towards the challenge as well.  

Paul Colledge