Introducing Wild Women Briony & Emma


Name: Briony Chambers
Age: 37
HG Heroes: Hannah & Leo 

I had HG with both of my pregnancies. During my first I managed to work for a few months on and off but when I wasn’t at work I would be in bed a lot as I just could not function. During my second pregnancy I couldn’t work at all. I was vomiting up to 30 times a day, had multiple hospital admissions and could not look after my daughter properly. It affected me hugely psychologically and I suffered with postnatal depression both times. I still get flashbacks when I smell a certain smell or see a certain item of clothing, so the after effects are still there years later. 

I'd Skydive again, yet I won't go up a ladder 
The biggest challenge for me will be the rappelling as I’m terrified of heights.


Name: Emma Reader


HG Hero: Jude (8 months) 

I was diagnosed with HG when I was 7 weeks pregnant and suffered right up to and through my labour. I was hugely lucky to have a brilliant GP who supported me the whole way. I used the PSS forum to chat to other women in the same situation as it was just terrifying. Despite my symptoms being relatively well managed on medication I took the decision at 20 weeks with the support of my boss to remain off work until my maternity leave started, probably the biggest impact HG had on me as I love my job. But everytime I went back to work even on reduced hours i suffered a relapse of the HG and left me feeling as if I had no life. 
I wanted to take on this challenge and raise money for PSS because I know I was lucky to have a good GP, supportive employer and an amazing partner, not everyone has that and the more the profile of HG can be raised the more women that can be helped. 

I ran a half marathon when Jude was 12 weeks old & a full marathon when he was 20 weeks

The hardest thing for me will be doing it without my now husband. Every challenge we've done we've done together whether it be marathons or having a baby! And we've never spent a night apart

Paul Colledge