Catch up with PSS Wild Women

With the Snowdonia challenge rapidly approaching I thought it would be good to catch up with the Wild Women to see how they are feeling, here is what they had to say:

Jessica Hopefully I'm not the only one that is suddenly thinking cr*p! What have I done?! I can't even back out now thanks to the generous sponsorship of my friends and family! Just hope I don't let the team down or hold anyone back.

Lindsay I am really excited about it! In amongst the excitement there are waves of panic about whether I'll cope with the physical demands, whether I'll be able to sleep in a tent, will I have all the kit I need, but I feel confident that together we will get each other through this

Emma An equal combination of excitement and terror. Excitement to do it and finally meet everyone, terror at the thought of leaving my 10 month baby or 4 days.

Briony Excited! I am still scared about the abseiling but it's not really something I've got time to practice so will just have to be brave on the day! I'm training for the Cardiff Half Marathon which is a few weeks before we go so hopefully that will help me be fit enough for it.

Amy I'm nervous about how cold and wet it might be, but I'm excited about doing it with  such and amazing group of women. We have got though HG so we will keep each other strong when it get tough.

Claire I'm excited too! I'm mainly nervous about raising enough sponsorship! I am still quite in denial about the camping at the end of October and kayaking parts which are bits that genuinely scare me!

Toni I think and hope that the physical side of it will be easy enough for me, it's the social side that I'm more nervous about! Like... bricking it! 

Susie I'm very excited but also apprehensive about camping at the end of October and the physical challenges of Mountain climbing, something I've never done before. I'm hoping a practice hike in the Peak District will boost my confidence. 

Anna Like everyone else, I'm really excited. I feel like this is going to be one of these moments that stays with me forever. The physical and mental challenge of taking on this adventure is going to be tough but undertaking it with a group of warrior women who have already overcome so much gives me a great sense of empowerment. I'm not sure I'll ever feel ready to take on this challenge but on October 26th my boots will be on. 

Paul Colledge